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Shoe recommendations

So my fiancé and I only have one vehicle and conflicting schedules. As we live not far from where I work, I walk to work most days. So what I'm looking for, good people, are recommendations on shoes that are comfy, relatively inexpensive (under $50 preferably), and durable enough that I won't have to replace them every 6 months. Any suggestions?

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Really depends on your style but;
- for work I love my Dr martins, once broken in they are so comfortable.
- causally I love my vans and I use these to work out in too.
- occasionally I will also wear some bare foot type shoes, while not for everyone I love having the flexibility and it helps keep my ankles strong.
I'm looking into the doc martens. From a quick online search they seem to be my style. I'm still open to more suggestions if anyone else would like to chime in.

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A little poofier than I prefer
If I were in your, er, shoes, I'd go for Clarks Desert Boots. I love my pair - extremely comfortable. They come in many different colors and types of leather.
I would highly recommend Skechers. I have worn them for many years and many different styles and they have all been comfortable and long lasting. I currently own 7 pairs of them ranging from boots to business casual to sneakers.
I'll suggest the Clark's Desert Boots as well. They're about as classic as it gets. I have the Desert Treks, which are somewhat similar but have a lower cut and different stitching. The crepe soles are comfy. My only word of caution with them is you have to take extra care while walking in rain or wet areas. They can come out from under you very quick!

I'm more of a boot kind of guy. So, if you're considering boots, I highly recommend looking into Blundstone. Slip on boots, ultra comfy, versatile, and durable. I have 3 pairs. Chisel toes for a night on the town, classics for all around wear (yard work, hiking, general "running around" wear), and safety toes for field work. I received my first pair (the classics) as a Christmas gift from my wife over 8 years ago and they are still going strong. I wear them constantly.
Dansco mens clogs....a little bit more than your limit but they will be the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn...take it from a guy that lives in work boots 15hrs a day...these feel great on your feet and back.
My apologies, OP. I overlooked your requested budget.
No worries I found a nice looking pair of Dr Martens online for $34 plus shipping. They should be here tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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I have wide feet so i like Asics Venture gel 5 or 6- 4e for walking and clarks all leather extra wide for causal. (Excellent shoes.)
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