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Shocking Knot - Shocking handle - Shocking Brush

Combine a shockingly white knot with a shocking cherry red handle and you end up with a shockingly beautiful brush. And of course the natural choice of soap is homemade black cherry bomb. Shaved with a Dorco Pace 5 in a Pace 7 handle. Followup with Bootlegger's Bay Rum Aftershave.

It is a nice knot. It is from Viking Shaving. It is slightly firm compared to other synthetics I have. Face feel is still nice enough. I would compare the face feel to be a bit better than a nice Boar and slightly firmed than a nice Finest Badger. The handle is from DS Cosmetics if memory serves me correctly.

This brush is a keeper, especially since it brought together a knot I wasn't too certain what to pair it with and a handle that just didn't look quite right with any badger knot I tried it with.






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