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Shipping from Mama Bear

I have to let you all know when I got back in town I made a LOT of soap and got all but a couple bars of soap shipped out. Little did I know that I was furiously soaping, I was also running out of tubs and soap... along with a few of the essential oils.

I feel I owe you all an apology. Not only did you have to wait for soap while I was out of town, but now I am making you wait again while I am restocking supplies. It is going to be about a week before I can ship again... meanwhile, I am trying to contact everyone that has orders waiting and let them know personally.

Please accept my profuse apologies. I hope something like this never happens again. I will get any backorders out as soon as possible. I don't ever want to let anyone down.

My Apologies to all

Sue (Mama Bear)
I don't think we can forgive you, Sue! :001_smile

I don't have any soaps on order, so it isn't my place to forgive nor condemn you. You do provide excellent customer service though, so I'm sure nobody will mind the wait.

Besides not too many of these guys are suffering for lack of soaps! :lol:
Wow Sue, I don't think I've ever known anyone to be quite so hard on themselves, especially when they didn't deserve it. As far as your soapmaking goes you provide a level of service that cannot be beaten. As far as this forum goes your reputation, and that of your product speaks for itself, no need to apologise.
I guess I feel like I need to be hard on myself! I hate to let people down, especially myself.

I want to be the best shaving soap supplier ever! :biggrin:

I will ship everything out as soon as I can, I promise!

Big Bear Hugs!

*purrrs deliciously at the three soaps he got yesterday and and is content to wait until next week for the rest*

To me good customer support goes both ways. Sue wrote me to say she was going to be late, and not that I thought otherwise, and me being positive back only helps to serve my own interests in the future since I know I'll keep getting good customer service.

I had a bad experience with my Nancy Boy order this week, but a poliet e-mail to Eric explaining what happened meant zero hassle from him as he lept into his lederhosen and became Mr. Customer Support Man and took care of the problem beyond my best expectations.

I want to stay on the good side of vendors, and an honest and open vendor is going to see my return business. :)

Seth, you have a RIGHT to good customer service! When you place your order and pay for it, you have done your part of the job! It is up to me or whoever else you are ordering from to make sure that you get your order, it is of the highest quality and that you are a happy camper. There is no reason for you to ever expect anything less than this!

Bear Hugs!

Sue (Mama Bear)
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