Shining shoes as therapy

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    One of the ways I like to de-stress is shining my shoes. I have 6 pairs of dress shoes and it takes me an hour or more to put a fresh shine or polish on my shoes. I find it very relaxing. My worries fade away. I enjoy the scent of the polish, the scent of the leather shoes, my brushes and cloths and just the motion of handling the shoes. I reflect back to when I was a child and we always had to keep our shoes in good condition. Anyone else polish their shoes for relaxation?
  1. I used to find shining my combat boots to be rather relaxing. Then they switched to a boot type that didn't use polish. Ne I only shine my dress shoes, all two pairs.

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  2. I enjoy polishing my shoes, and also find it relaxing.
  3. Lol, always have. I was an ADHD child, and my dad would use it to keep me sitting still for more than 5 seconds. I would be tasked with polishing his already impeccable shoes before his Lodge meetings. I miss him, and doing that. I even sketched a picture of a pair of his shoes way back then. If I find it, I'll post it. Thanks for the memory kick @Rusty Blade !
  4. Can't say I enjoy the smell of shoe polish.
    I used to polish my Dad's boots for him, but I really neglect my own boots/shoes lol. I didn't mind doing it for him though. Sometimes he would ask, but other times I did just because I knew he liked having his boots cleaned and polished. I would have him wear them sometimes while he sat down so I could really buff them well.
    After we cut a few lawns they were a mess again!
  5. With you 100%! There's something very Zen and relaxing about restoring the leather, then putting as high a gloss as possible on it.

    I know, I know--I should get a life, but I already have one. A little time spent with rag, brush and polish only makes it better . . . at least for me.
  6. I use either Meltonian or Kelly's cream and Lincoln paste wax. Too cheap (and too many shoes) to use Saphir, but I'm sure I will switch one of these days.
  7. Currently looking into a new polish. I've been using Kiwi Parade Gloss, but it seems like there's a lot better polish out there.
  8. emwolf

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    I really enjoy shining shoes as therapy, my dad taught me how, then my brother went to west point and helped me refine my style. And of course, if you won't take my word for the therapy, Fred likes it too (I love how he even makes tripping over the shoe shine man graceful).
  9. Great video!
  10. So much to learn from Fred Astaire: How to dance . . . how to dress . . . how to wear a skimmer. Thanks for posting.
  11. martym

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    On my days off I polish my boots, clean my weapon, clean and oil my cuffs, inspect my gear, and say a prayer.
    Very good for ridding my mind of stress.
  12. It depends on the shoes. Some get Kiwi and others get Saphir.
  13. If you look in the dictionary and find classy =Fred Astaire.
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    Around 1964 I went to the HI-LINE shoe care supply in Oakland , Calif. and bought 2 top of the line full size horse hair brushes made in Italy , and 3 top of the line polish rags, as we called them in those days. I still have them , still use them and still enjoy the beauty of a freshly conditioned leather shoe....
  15. Thanks for kicking in another memory! Since no one in the family wanted my wife's grandpa's shoe shine kit when he died, I got it! Filled with probably 50 years of stuff! I think of him every time I use it. He as a great man of God and had a love of corny jokes that surpassed my own. And as others have said, we could learn a lot from Fred Astair. Loved it when he was on Johnny Carson!
  16. I used to love to shine my shoes when I wore shoes that needed to be shined. Very relaxing. Even more so I liked getting a shoe shine from someone who really knew what they were doing. I equate the relaxing feeling of getting a shoe shine to that of sitting in a barbers chair.
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    Shining my shoes is very therapeutic. So is ironing my clothes.
  18. Ironing my dress shirts is also great therapy. Very relaxing.

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