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Shick Plus Platinum Blades

Howdy Gents.

I just came into 7 packs of Schick Plus Platinum blades with a razor I purchased (Merkur Progress). I’ve been using Feathers for over 10 years and have zero experience with “Vintage Blades.”

Any thoughts on these blades would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays ...to ALL
These are a daily driver blade for myself and a couple other people on here. They are from approximately 1972 to maybe 1979. The production was moved some time in the eighties, but I don't remember exactly. They are around the same sharpness and smoothness as a modern Personna Platinum, a bit better than Gillette Platinums actually. I can get 5-6 shaves whereas modern blades only give me 3-4. They go dull before they become rough, seems to be a unique characteristic of vintage blades. Accounting for inflation, these would have been the same $1/blade that they are currently going for. Whether that is worth it to you is subjective. Try them!
They are great blades, not my very favourite, I only use vintage blades, but they are, imho, better than anything modern.
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