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Shick Krona Blade Preference?

I just recently acquired the grey Eversharp version of the Schick Krona and I'm going to swap to using it for the next few weeks to see how I like it (I've previously been using the MR22 Open Comb head) and I can tell I should probably find a new blade combo for it.

I know that blade preference isn't solely limited to the razor itself, but it seems like that is one of the big factors. I had been using Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdges in the MR22 OC and while they are ok in the Krona I can tell right off the bat I can do better.

So my question is what is your blade of choice for those of you with Kronas specifically to at least give me my top candidates for trying new blades.

I've got a pretty big bag of samples of all the popular plus some not popular blades already to go. Thanks!
I'm a big fan of Krona. It has a permanent place in my rotation. It's a mild razor and works best with a sharp blade. Try Feather or Personna Hospital prep.
Thanks guys! I slipped a Personna Blue in it this morning and it was a fantastic shave! Definitely closer/more efficient shave than the MR22.
The Krona and the Gillette Black Tip, are, in my collection, the two razors which really seem to work well with virtually anything put into them.
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