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Sheffield Scollectors


After a late night conversation with SavantStrike and DefaultAnon, the Sheffield Scollector group has been born.

Come, post, show off your scollection of Sheffield blades!

join us!
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Oh, come on ya'll ... I will start with an piece of Sheffield cast steel that came to me in horrible condition. Under a thick layer of crud, I found pervasive pitting and tenacious tarnish. Here it, 90% restored.

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As a straight newbie does the Sheffield steel compare favourably with German steel? Are they held in similar regard?

Its personal preference, I prefer the Sheffields because they are so easy to hone and they shave great. Of course, there are some who will say the same about Solingen razors, though I personally find them to be less consistent than the old Sheffields.

I will post pics later when I can figure out the script thingy.
i recently bought two new blades for my scollection - a wosty IXL frameback and a little ward bros :biggrin:

pics when theyre in my grubby little hands!
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