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Shaving your jawbone.

I have been wet shaving for about a week now and the results are certainly improving and even in the areas where I am struggling I know what I am doing wrong, it's just a matter of improving my technique, hopefully this will come with experience. However there is one area which I am really struggling with and that is shaving my jaw bone.
No matter what I do. I just can't seem to get it right. I cannot get the correct angle and usually end up scraping the cream off with the bottom of the Merkur futurs head, as opposed to having the actual blade cut the bristles.
The north-south stoke on my cheek is fine, and once I get the razor over the line where the angle of the face changes I can shave my neck. But the bit right on the jawbone is impossible to cut, it starts with the curve of the jawbone next to my ear and goes on right up to my chin.:mad: :mad: :mad:
So does anyone have any advice? Maybe a different angle of attack with the razor? Any tips or tricks you can suggest that will help me overcome this final (and intensely annoying) hurdle?
As always your advice is much appreciated.
Regards, AJS
I have a beard, so I don't shave near my jaw bone, but it seems like the consensus is not to shave on your jaw bone. Instead try to stretch your skin upwards, so that the skin that would normally be over your jaw bone is stretched high enough that its on a flat surface.
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