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Shaving Without Products or Cream


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You do you. If it makes you happy and you're satisfied with the results, that's all that matters for you.
Shaving soap and alcohol splashes have been around for far longer than anyone on this forum was even a gleam in dad's eye.
Don't make the mistake however of thinking that the voices denigrating alcohol splashes are doing so for some noble, non-profit motive.
There has been a movement afoot for many years touting "natural" products, which is a meaningless term, and a downright silly search for products with less "chemicals" or even less "ingredients".
Everything is chemicals. Everything has ingredients.
The ingredients involved just gets down to how far you want to break compounds down to their lowest level.
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Needs milk and a bidet!
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As for the OP’s question - when I have a beard I routinely trim it up without any product. Just razor and water. But I’m not shaving my entire face obviously, just trimming the cheeks and neck.

I’ve seen my dad shave with just water and a razor quite often. He said he got used to doing it that way in the military.


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I used to do this when I used plastic disposable razors. But, now that I'm using safety razors with various blades, I need the additional protection from the soaps and creams.
I just did, by mistake, today shaving the back of my neck (during a head shave) with no lather....just a bit of water....and I can say that it burnt a lot afterwards.

If I need to shave quickly or run out of lather (face+head), I may use a canned foam.

But almost always a brush and decent soap/cream to form lather.

growing up I used hand soap (facial hair was not too dense and thinner).

Sometimes have used hair conditioner while traveling (and this will work) if I need to shave (with a cart).
I’d do it if I could but I can’t, no matter how sharp the blade, there will be excessive tugging, and having to go over areas many times. My whiskers are too thick and my beard grows too dense. I can’t even get away with just using regular bar soap it doesn’t have enough slickness and the blade will dull before the final pass.

Ideally I would shave using just water because my skin does not respond well to shaving soaps and creams. So I tend to shave quickly, less time that stuff is on my skin the better off I am. I do cleanups on the problem areas using just water and the residual slickness. I only use very small amounts of aftershave. Only a few drops of splash to disinfect any unseen micro nicks, and a small dab of balm over areas that tend to get a little dry after shaving. Too much of either, I begin to look like a pizza faced 15 year old in no time.

Oddly enough the only 2 things I’ve ever put on my face that seem to do any good for it go against everything the professional ‘experts’ claim. They would be head & shoulders shampoo, and Suave 2-in-1 shampoo/body wash. The light drying effect of the Suave always cleared up any breakouts I got that directly resulted from the professional advice from the gurus. Same for the head & shoulders which I use to wash my face with before shaving. Seems my skin responds well to the pyrithione zinc. Found this out on accident because my face was always clearest when I was washing my hair with the stuff and the shampoo also removes oils on the skin and whiskers, making for a nice close shave.

So if I were to go along with this ‘skincare routine’ the modern day professionals and YouTube gurus say we all need..I’d be ashamed to leave the house and only end up deeper in the rabbit hole to nowhere and lots of money wasted on products that would be less than worthless for me. I wonder how many people’s grandfathers had a ‘skincare routine’ with costly products. Odds are they just washed their face with a regular bar soap which is sacrilege according to the gurus and didn’t take the time to ‘moisturize’ lol. And if you look at all their pictures from when they were young men I bet they all had nice clear complexions. Long before the term ‘adult acne’ was invented to sell products to a niche market. So I really wish I could shave with just water, sometimes less really is more in my experience.
I wonder how many people’s grandfathers had a ‘skincare routine’ with costly products.
My Grandfather, born in 1888, was a machinist, and when I took up the trade myself the first thing he told me was to use moisturizer to protect my skin from the harmful oils and solvents.

Told me all the other machinists would laugh at me too, until they developed skin problems and had to retire.

My Grandfather, born in 1888, was a machinist, and when I took up the trade myself the first thing he told me was to use moisturizer to protect my skin from the harmful oils and solvents.

Told me all the other machinists would laugh at me too, until they developed skin problems and had to retire.

To each their own, but for me less always works best. A facial moisturizer won’t do anything for me but give me acne which is why I go very light on the shave balm and only near the corners of my mouth and chin area where my skin will get a little dry after shaving, particularly with sharper DE blades in a more aggressive razor.
Hello Everyone;

Started wet shaving a few weeks prior to COVID. A friend had gifted me a basic set years ago and he came over with his family after the death of another mutual friend say Feb 2020. He asked me if I had tried and the stuff had been sitting there for years so upon my wife's urging I caved in and.... haven't done the electric thing ever since. Using all the products and experiencing the aromas was AWESOME and a great thing to experience. For us the "lockdown" which wasn't really lock down at all as we were out and about as it gave us the time to do more things we loved some together as a family, others looking inwards to do nice things, one of them being... wet shaving.

So I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years and pretty good at it. Got a collection of safety razors and my favorite is the Blackland Dart. I prefer the Astra blue (Superior not platinum less harsh) as well as Big Ben blades. But I found that as life got busy again didn't have time to whip up shaving cream and do the whole riga-marol. So I just wet my face in the shower, enjoy some heat and towards the end of the washing session so my pores are all open I just shave. I don't use a mirror in the shower either lest it falls and shatters I just go by feel.

If anything the use of products dulls the feel and I seem to cut a lot more easily even if I use soap but sometimes I just love preshave oil. I cut myself more with it so it's limited though. So hot water, a wet face and nothing more save open pores works well for me. Anyone else not use products and shave "just so"?
I always wash my face and then apply lather from shaving soap. Suspect because you are doing this towards the end of your shower you are softening your beard to a similar extent to that achieved with shaving products. Combined with the lubrication from having a wet face this enables a reasonable shave. If it works for you then why not?

Your post mentioned that the use of soap dulls your feel. Is this bath of shaving soap? If the former it may be worth trying a shave with a shaving product and determining if you current method works best in comparison.

My skin is different in that my razor does not shave as well and I'm more apt to nick myself with less lubrication. Over time I've found that a wetter and slicker lather works best for me.
Just one minor correction @Attilio, a person's skin does not have any pores that open and close (due to heat/cold or any other external action). This opening/closing of pores in the skin is a myth put out by advertising agencies.

Other than the above, it is good to hear that you have found a shaving system that works for you.
The other myth is that skin "absorbs" stuff. If it did that, we would all look like sponges.

Drying accelerants are used in products to produce this absorbing effect, the most popular being alcohol.
When I do a final rinse, I sometimes find places that I miss - usually, around the jaw line. If I am lazy, I do a wet shave without lather, and inevitably get razor burn. So to the OP's point, no, I try not to shave without lather.
Cant imagine shaving without any product. My skin is a bit sensitive. I do however use only scentless shaving soap.
I would never dare in my dreams to shave without a shaving soap/ cream. Prep and proper products are needed to comfort your skin and make the routine enjoyable.

Doing it without any products would be a punishment.
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