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Shaving without hemorrhaging


My allergies are really up tonight (courtesy of the overly friendly dog at my friend’s house) and as a result some welts/hives/bumps on my neck are up as well. On account of the lumpy/bumpy skin I fear that my morning shave is going to result in massive blood letting (or at least a few nicks). Any suggestions as to how I can have a glorious shave without serious hemorrhaging? I’ve taken a Benadryl, which I hope will take effect by morning, but I feel that some sage advice wouldn’t go astray here (hell, some of you must suffer from allergies, right?)

As a side note, I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, and I would really prefer not to show up looking like a reject from the set of Night of the Living Dead (seems to me like such an appearance might be disadvantageous).
Too many unanswered questions to know! What razor do you use? Type of beard?

I will suggest this. Stay away from HOT water. Use warm water. Hot water will make the skin more sensitive.

Go super light on the razor pressure (even using negative pressure, i.e. supporting some of the weight of the razor), use a thicker cream instead of a soap, and the razor should glide right over the bumps. May not be the prefect shave, but you won't draw blood.
I know this is probably tantamount to treason or something, but couldn't you maybe use a cartridge razor (Mach 3 et al.) for just one shave? If you went light with one of those I very much doubt you'd get any cuts at all.

I'd probably also go with just the one pass, with the grain and be happy that unless your interviewer decides to get real up close and personal, your shave will be close enough for a job interview.

Also, some aloe vera /witch hazel may help to reduce some of the inflammation and make the skin feel better.

Hope that helps and good luck with the interview.:thumbup1:
Just like everyone else said....use little to no pressure. Go for a smooth appearance shave only. You only have to look clean-shaven, not actually be baby butt smooth. Good luck with the interview.
This might be heresy, but since I'm still learning, I'm hoping I'll get a pass... :wink:

After subjecting my neck to several over-aggressive shaves in a row, I took two days off and used my old electric along with regular applications of balm. My neck felt stubbly all weekend long, but the bumps and burn cleared up pretty good.

Damn the luck. That's like a high school kid getting a big pimple the day before senior pictures.

These guys are steering you down the right path (light touch & great lather). Best of luck on the interview.
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