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    Has anyone ever shaved with regular soap like Ivory or Dial soap? I'm not planning on trying it. I'm just curious what the end result would be. Does it leave your skin dry? Is it less slick than most shaving soaps? Just curious.
  1. I’ve shaved with Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil body soap and it was fine. It didn’t dry my skin but it wasn’t as slick or protective as most shave soaps. For about the same money, I’d rather use canned foam.
  2. Slickness is the problem for me. But I do it most of the time cuz I'm already in the shower.
  3. I tried it recently with Dove Men + Care, just for the heck of it. The results were adequate but poor, I could stand it for a few days if I had to while a real shave soap was in the mail or something.

    Here is a link to the official Ivory directions for using it as a shave soap;

    I didn't follow these with the Dove, no rinse after the first lather build, maybe I'll try it again sometime following these directions more exactly.
  4. I'm going to try this.
  5. I've never tried it personally - but I bought some razors off a guy recently and he said for years he's been using dove bar soap. Not sure why someone would want to use it when there are so many great shave soap options out there. @raiden I'm with you - I wouldn't go out of my way to use it.
  6. Raven Koenes

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    I just cleaned a new boar brush with shampoo. I swirled the brush on the palm of my hand and created lather. Perhaps you could use bath soap and shampoo like shaving soap and creams. Then you could have a rotation.
  7. I had reasonable success with Caprina Fresh Goat's Milk bar soap. The "Original Formula" is okay, but the "Shea Butter" version might be even better.
    I like both of those better than Proraso Green or Proraso White.

    At the very least, it's great for prepping your face in the shower.
  8. I shaved with Ivory once. It worked but it dried my skin out a lot. I imagine it would be alright for some folks though. Just depends on your skin.
  9. A friend of mine swore by a glycerin bath soap, that is until I finally talked him into trying a shave soap. A lot of bath soaps can give good slickness, few will develop a sustained, cushioning lather.
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    I used to throw the bath soap scraps in the shaving mug, then do a one-pass with a twin blade disposable. At some point we switched to liquid body wash. About that time my old boar brush fell apart. I started researching brushes and soaps, then DE razors. The rest is history :)
  11. I've shaved with bar soap and with shampoo over the years on a few occasions when I didn't have shave soap. It's certainly not ideal. Slickness is an issue. But it gets the job done in a pinch.
  12. This.
  13. Life is too short to shave with bath soap IMO! The worst thing I can say about a shaving soap is, “This one belongs in the bath!” :a19::a19:
  14. Nailed it!
  15. Ivory etc is all I used for five years starting in 1966. It works, just not well. No cushion. In a pinch hair conditioner is a better option.

    Bought a puck of Colgate and an Everready boar brush in 1971. :)
  16. Just tried following the Ivory instructions with Kirk's Castile soap.

    Used the soap bar as a stick, built the first lather which was very bubbly, wiped the first lather off my face with a washcloth and re wet my face, then applied lather from the brush with mostly painting strokes. The resulting lather was much less bubbly. There was very little cushion, but as a straight user cushion is not really desirable IMO. Barely had enough lather for the third pass, but got a very close smooth shave.

    So far the post shave face feel is very good. I will report back if this changes.

    Not switching away from shave soaps, but it's nice to know that this is very workable and could save a trip to the drug store and purchasing a shave soap that you don't really want while waiting for a mail order.

    At a meet that I attended last year they had a 'lie soap challenge' as a lark. This was a homemade lie soap that they got somewhere [like the brown lie laundry soap from the old days]. The two brave volunteers tested the soap on their inner arms to make sure that it was not going to burn them or anything. Both volunteers reported it working much better than they thought it would. No one else at the meet rushed to try it.
  17. It should be shamefull for me to admit it on this site, but for the sake of sharing my experience I have to put my ego aside... :001_smile
    I had a ˋpoor´ period in my life, when I used a regular bar soap (savon de Marseille) to shave with my MacIII. At that time I had no motivation to buy myself descent shaving products.
    There was no cushion, and a poor slickness. The shaves were not only tugging, but left my skin dry. I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone. Even if someone is depressed and lost all motivation to buy itself nice cosmetic products, a cheap cream from the supermarket would at least reduce the pain of shaving (considerably)!
  18. To tell the truth, bet it was LYE soap. :)

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