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Shaving Time

How long does it take you to shave from beginning to end? From the lathering till the cleanup I mean. In my case it’s about 10 to 15 minutes, not much more than that. All responses much welcomed!

For me 15-20 minutes. Somedays longer if I get distracted upon which soap or cream to use or should I try a new blade or change blades.


Eight minutes from starting to run the water until cleanup is done. I get a high-quality DFS in one pass plus some touchup.
My pre-shave routine is longer than the 3 passes themselves. Facewash, rinse, proraso pre-shave, build the lather, keep adding water to make it perfectly slick. Stroke stroke stroke done.
Three passes with a straight and post shave takes about 15.5 minutes not including the shower between shave and post shave.

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Total about an hour: 1/2 hour taking a hot shower to relax, then chill out and take my time for about a 1/2 hour Shaving. This is about the only uninterrupted “me time” I get, so I milk it for all it is worth
About 20 minutes, all told. These are shavette shaves, two passes plus touch-up, and this includes lathering and clean up.


I reckon a 3 pass DE shave would take me about 15 minutes a few minutes less for a 2 pass cartridge shave.
From 7-10 minutes from water on to everything put away again for a 3 pass shave. I shave after I shower, so that's all the pre-shave I need.