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Shaving "themes" for the day

I don’t really do theme shaves though if I was going for an interview Stirling’s Executive Man might be a good choice

Southern Florida is about the same way when it comes to seasons. We have a hot, humid, rainy with a chance of hurricanes season and a warm dry season
I can’t wait for the warm, dry season. I’m sick of the humidity and I’m like sleeping with the windows open.

Owen Bawn

Garden party cupcake scented

Do you use 4711? I don’t recall if that is one you use regularly but it is super mild and mainly citrus. Perfect for the office IMO. It is what I use when I have to meet actual people in an actual office.
I've never used it. If I hadn't been in restraint for the past year I'd probably be on my second bottle by now, however.


Check Out Chick
The only Fragrance that I will use for any special occasion is Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men Cologne. I have had many compliments from wearing this Cologne, even at a Funeral.
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