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Shaving the back of your neck

I have been married for 25+ years and have been asking my wife to shave the back of my neck between haircuts for those 25+ years. I'm relatively new to DE razor shaving. In the past it has been a disposable razor. My wife doesn't really like doing this ... who would? The disposable razor didn't work well ... clogged ... left patches of stubble. Well, this morning I asked her to do it with my Fatboy for the first time. I figured it would be like the first time I shaved with a DE razor (just a few months ago) .... wrong angle ... nicks ... take the wife a few tries to get it right. Wrong! She did it quickly, efficiently and left the back of my neck very smooth. She then looked at me with that typical wife look and commented on why I made her do this with a crappy disposable razor for over 25 years! I just loved that comment. That's how I felt about my daily shaving until I picked up a DE razor.
I do my own with a straight, always have. No need for a mirror either although the odd time my barber will comment on how well I did:).
I'm sure if I asked my wife she would be happy to do it with a straight for me. She uses a shavette for her legs.
No clogging either!
My fiance’ does this for me with my DE as well. No nicks or cuts. I think going wtg is pretty foolproof. Either that or we all have women that are good at shaving!
My wife does the back of my neck too, she switched from doing it with a cart to the DE with out issue.


I do the back of my neck as well. No mirror. I just try to get the angle right and hope for the best! It usually turns out very well! And you’re right, you can’t beat a DE for its cutting ability without clogging.
I shave the back of my neck with a DE as well. I have a 3-paneled mirror in the bathroom, which really helps line things up, as I can see the entire back of my neck when the mirror panels are adjusted correctly.
I’ve used disposable cartridge razors for cleaning up the back of my neck. Sometimes I’ll have my wife trim it an other times I do it myself. I don’t use a mirror, but go by feel.


The only time the hair on the back of my neck gets trimmed is when I get a haircut every couple of months. Doesn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t do it myself and LOTH would tell me where to go if I asked her.
I use a DE on the back of my neck maybe twice a week.
Minor irritation once in a while, but no real problem.
I do it once in awhile with a DE. But usually I just wait till I need a haircut and the barber will shave it for me.

It's really not that hard to do it with a DE. I've never gotten nicked on the back of my neck before.
I bought Wahl Clipper here and use to mirrors
It's hard for the first two times but after that it became easier
After two months you will be the master
I've always had this fear that regularly shaving the back of my neck would result in the hair growing back coarse and somehow quicker... I'm probably overthinking it
I shave the back of my neck every 3rd shave (or so) with the same DE razor the I'm using that day. The hair back there is not as coarse as my beard. Took me a couple of tries to get it right; now I can shave it without a mirror.
I typically use my Enders Speed with Schick Proline for this task . For whatever reason just seems the easiest way to go among a lot of razors to choose from.

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I made a three-panel mirror so I could do this. I got the idea from a barber supply store that sells three-panel mirrors for DIY haircuts. I bought three $6 mirrors from Walmart and connected them to each other (so I could fold them up and put them away) with wire ties and a staple gun. I store them under the bed. I set them up on my bathroom counter and sit on a small child's chair so my head is the right height. It works great.