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Shaving supplies in Pittsburgh?

Due to a death in the family, I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend and while there, I thought I'd look for some supplies I didn't have here.

Any suggestions?
I'm sorry for your loss, Art.

I wish I could say Pittsburgh is a destination for shaving stuff, but it's not. I'd be curious to hear of additional places myself. There's a Caswell-Massey downtown (but their shaving soaps and creams aren't very good). There's at least one Crabtree & Evelyn store, and snooty stores that carry Trumper tubes and AOS products at list price or more. There's a drugstore in the Shadyside neighborhood that carries some shaving stuff. I can get their info if you're interested. There's also a Whole Foods store, I believe.

Have a safe trip.

Adam, Joanna and Ed,

Thanks for kind words. I really didn't have a chance to look for any shaving supplies, but I can tell you this....there's never a Walmart or Target when you want one! My wife needed some stockings and we were late to a few "events" looking all over Pittsburgh for a store that sells her brand.

We pretty much stayed in Brighton Heights the whole time, but found a great pub in Crafton called the Sharp Edge. It's like you are in Europe, the whole atmosphere and selection of brews.

All in all, it was good to see my family all together again, but it was also a relief to see that my grandmother isn't suffering anymore, I just hated seeing my father and his brother and sister going thru all the pain.

And Ed, thanks for the suggestions for shopping, I wish I had more time to stay, but I had to come back to work...ugh.
Hey Art.

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother.
Your Pittsburgh inquiry and story touches home...
My 87 yr. old Grandfather (my last living grandparent) was born and raised in Western PA as was my Mother so I have lots of good memories of PA.
He is battling Alzheimers for the last 4 years or so, has little recognition of any of us anymore, and I wonder how much time we have left with him. There is no more quality time for us anymore...I can only hope he is OK in whatever world he is in now.

Sorry for the downer post...I didnt intend to bring this up.

I miss Pittsburgh.....
Last time I was there was 1999 when my grandmother passed away..
Man Ive got to stop this.

Again, my prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family.
Not a downer post at all, don't feel bad for bringing it up, I think talking might even help. My grandmother (formerly my last living grandparent) had Alzheimers as well and had no clue who I or any of her children were for the last 7 years or more, no quality time there as well. It was, however, somewhat of a relief to us when she passed. I know that sounds strange but I imagine she must have been locked into some incomprehensible world that I couldn't begin to understand.

Everytime I go back to PA, I'm reminded of how beautiful the state really is. I love the hills and mountains, but driving is a little more difficult since I'm not used to it.

Thanks for the nice words and thoughts.
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