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Shaving Station - Cool Dude - Aftershave Balm

Hello Folks!

Today I tried new aftershave balm from Shaving Station called as Cool Dude, It has essential oils of peppermint and spearmint alongwith beeswax, Though I prefer aftershave lotion to aftershave balm but this one comes as nice surprise to me, It's cooling sensation stays for about 30-40 mins and has provided me with some respite in Indian summer heat. The scent is reminiscent of Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum but doesn't stay long.

A link for the product

Cool Dude Aftershave Balm – Shaving Station
I have kaffir lime and the vetiver/cedar. Both smell amazing however, just too thick, like a lotion! I have both to my wife to use as moisturizers as they were just too heavy feeling on my face and caused oily skin a couple of hours after shaving.
I ordered their Kaffir Lime shaving cream variant, hope the fragrance is fresh. I love the post application feel of Cool Dude as its cooling (not freezing) but mild cooling.
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