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Shaving Soundtrack...

Thanks for the warm welcome over at the newbie check-in. This forum really is a fantastic resource.

Now, I’m only dipping my toe in the world of DE, and I’m sure I’ll have loads of technical questions down the road. But one thing I’ve been considering – and wondering if I am alone – is what you listen to when having your shave.

For some reason I’ve found myself when going through my new routine – which has quickly become a highlight of my day rather than the necessary chore it previously was – I find myself drawn to listening to the Blues…. I can’t quite put my finger on why – it just feels right.

Now, I shave in the evening rather than morning as that is what works best for me and my life – come home from work, have a shower and a shave – and whilst I’m sure I’m not alone, I guess most people will shave in the morning. So perhaps this changes things. I imagine if I was shaving in the morning I’d listening to whatever was on my local radio station.

So, what do you fine gentleman listen to when shaving? Or do you prefer the sound of silence?
Tom Waits is the default. If I'm feeling pointlessly ambitious, a playlist of songs from the year of manufacture of the razor I'm using (if it's vintage, which is most of the time).
I'm an evening shaver (twice a week, head and face) and I like to make the most of the experience. Pour a drink, load a bowl, and begin prep. Depending on the mood and how high I am, I can be all over the place, but I'm always listening to something. As an odd blues coincidence, I've been listening to a lot of SRV and ZZ Top, lately, to go along with some new equipment to test.
I usually do either old school tangos like Carlos Gardel, or Argentinian or Spanish Rock (Andres Calamaro, Soda Stereo, Los Rodriguez, that kind of stuff), since I think it's what I was listening to a lot when I first started DE shaving and I just got in that groove.
Morning shave instead of evening today as I was delayed yesterday at work.

Today's soundtrack was the Whiskey & Wimmen album by John Lee Hooker.
The time I take for showering and shaving is also a time for thinking/meditating. I do not want any distracting sounds. Personally I think too often people are drowning the relaxing natural sounds with music. Sounds like a fire burning in a stove, waves at a beach or just the sound of a razor working is quite relaxing.
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