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    are you coming up with a tallow shaving soap?
  1. Paco,

    Quick Answer: no

    Longer Answer: I am working on a formula that has the same fatty acid structure that is in Tallow and will have the same characteristics as Tallow has without actually being Tallow. It should give you as good a shave as Tallow without actually harming any creatures. The shaving creams, that so many guys here love, are made very much in the same way as my shaving soap is and most of the creams that I am familiar with are not made with Tallow. I am confident that you will like it.

    Explanation: I considered working with Tallow but my business has been strictly based upon vegetable products up to this point and this is an important issue for my customers so I really have to stick with what I have been doing. I hope you understand! :smile:
  2. It's all good, so long as the wet shaving community gets another quality soap. :biggrin:
  3. I do understand and i might consider trying the tallow wannabe once is developed.
  4. One small observation here and it is a bit of speculation: I’m fairly confident that the old Yardley shaving soap had the glycerin stripped out. From what I have read I am thinking this was a pretty common practice at the time. Even Yardley’s old bath soaps had the glycerin stripped out as it’s not listed on the old ingredients list. Glycerin later makes an appearance on the ingredients list in later decades so I’m guessing it got added back in.

    Now if Yardley’s shaving soap had no glycerin in it and it’s considered to be one of the best examples of a triple-milled shaving soap I wonder how necessary it is to have glycerin in a triple-milled shaving soap? I know this is somewhat off-topic in this thread but the thought had occurred to me having read Jim’s comment on Yardley back in the thread. Interesting thought, eh? Perhaps it’s best discussed in another thread but I thought I’d bring it up.


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