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Shaving Soap wishlist

Hi Gents
I'm always curious to see which soaps & creams are on your wishlist whether it's a re buy because you loved that particular one or simply because you got your eye on something you haven't tried yet, currently I'm interested in 4 different one's

A&E undersea ( really like kaizen but its nearly finished)

Declaration grooming Opulence
Mike's naturals Hungarian lavender & barbershop
I'd take a lifetime supply of Mike's Natural Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper. I buy this in bulk and it will be in my den as long as Mike keeps making it. I'm also liking the MdC Rose, but it is a buy one at a time for me. I like it, but if I had to pick between Mike's and MdC, Mike's wins.
Nothing specific for me currently, but I always feel the excitement start to build around this time each year because the fall releases will start to trickle out in about a month or so. Even though it is hotter than Hades still, the fall scents are my favorites and I look forward to them the most.
I keep a listing on my computer, so I have my ducks in a row for Black Friday:

Barrister & Mann Le Grande Cyphre Aftershave (splash)
Martin de Candre Vétyver Soap
Bullgoose/Asylum Colonia Soap/Aftershave
Stone Cottage Soapworks Bayberry Cream
Declaration Grooming La Petite Prairie Soap/Aftershave
RazoRock The Dead Sea Soap/Aftershave

I really only *need* the B&M AS splash, to go with the soap I already have.
It seems B&M weren't making splashes while alcohol was in needed supply for COVID-19 sanitizers?
Hopefully, they ramp-up production in time for Winter...

The rest are products that interest me, for a "someday purchase".
Curious to try Ach Brito Mogno.
I just recently tried that. It’s an excellent soap and can be found at a reasonable price. As for my “wish list” soap the only one on it right now is the full size of MdC original. Had tried a sample and really enjoyed it
Soap commander gusto
Noble Otter orbit
A&E the undersea
Never tried anything from mikes, the orange pepper sounds appealing as do a few others
Southern Witchcrafts Samhain
Tabac, but if the reformulation is worse I won't look hard or pay more for the old version
Proraso green
Wet the face
• Frozen Lemon Ice​
• Stranger Shaves​
• Sport of Kings​


Maybe Southern Witchcrafts will come out with a Bay Rum scent and call it Dead Man's Chest or something pirate-like ominous and scary like that.
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