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Shaving Soap Storage

I've just ordered and received the Honeybee soaps- as highly recommended by this forum- and true to the reviews- these are great.

Being new to this - "addiction"- how do people store soaps..is there a container out there that just works well?
I use disposable ZipLoc bowls that fit the pucks perfectly. I have been thinking about ordering tins from here though. -- Dennis
One storage idea would be the GRUNDTAL spice-storage container from IKEA. Its a lidded container with see-through lid in a good soap size. Pretty cheap as well, only around 7-8$ for a pack of 3. They also have a magnet underneath which makes the sort of hangable :cool:
The ZipLoc XS bowls work well. Not gorgeous, but for under the sink storage, they get the job done.

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Thanks all for the ideas..
I'm going to start with the ZipLoc XS bowls and place an order for some
bowls from Sue..
FWIW, for just under $6, Walmart sells an 8-piece set of pyrex/glass containers (4 containers + 4 rubber lids) that are tapered perfectly to accomodate Honeybee soaps. They're made by "Anchor", with a listed size of 1 cup/236ml. I found 'em in the cookware/bakeware section.

Here are some pics to illustrate:



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In fact, if you remove the glass making the upper row and move the brush etc completely down and reorganize your creams a bit, you can store even more soaps and creams! :biggrin:
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