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Shaving soap based on fragrance scent


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I agree with @Peterv1 -- I've got a bunch of soaps that perform extremely well and I love the fragrance, and I've got ones that are great performers, but the fragrance (while strong) isn't really my cup of tea. For example, I tend to like most Fougere scents, but I'm not really stoked by traditional barbershop; and I tend towards more floral-noted scents, and even "sweet" smells (e.g., Tabac, traditional Cella, and most rose scented soaps) rather than cologne-style scents or heavy citrus/citronella fragrances (best examples in my den are Cella Bio, a "heavy" Proraso Sandlewood, and Arko). Nothing I've run across is offensive to me, but my preferences definitely "jump out at me". And I will say that while I'm not a huge fan of the Arko scent, I love it's performance, ease of use and great price....so it has earned a spot in my den. As to the more "complex" scents that I've fallen in love with are Barrister & Mann's Hallows and Petrichor.

If you haven't really developed your "preferred nasal palette" yet, then I strongly recommend get a few different samples of things to determine your "preference ballpark".
Aqua Di gio is citrus (lemon, lime, Bergamot, Orange,..) . Stirling dunkirk is a great knock-off (or should I say hommage?). I like their soap, Splash and balm.

Polo blue also hase some citrus and woodsy notes to it, but it's more of a marine scent.
Taylor of old bond Street st James smelled like Polo blue to me (although they have their own cologne and eau de parfums.)
I've read that stirling deep Blue Sea is a Polo Blue copy as well but have het to try that one.
Samples are a good way to go. If you don't like the soap, you don't have a full container to use up. Maybe get a few Stirling samples. The samples are a slice from a full-size puck and weight around 1 oz. each. Scents like Arkadia, Piacenza, Hipster, and Sandpiper might be something you'd like. Or just pick some from their list.
I'd recommend you certain brands and so you can then decided what fragrance you might like. Those brands would be A&E and Stirling for croaps and SV for hard soap.

If you tell us what particular fragrance you are after, we can then make some concrete suggestions.
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