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Shaving Sequence and Question

I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out here. A few quick questions.

I usually shave right after the shower since my face is still moist and I usually reapply hot water to it immediately before the shave begins. Recently though, I've started to brush my teeth first. I do this because if i brush after I shave and have applied my aftershave, then I have to rinse my mouth and around the lips with cold water and that kind of interferes and defeats the purpose of the aftershave a. I'd like the shave and aftershave application to be the last thing I do. In what sequence to you guys do this?

Right after the shave, I usually rinse my face with hot water again and then rinse it with cold to close the pores. Can I just skip the hot water rinse right after shaving and go to cold? Again, how do you guys handle?

Thanks for the input!

I do this:
  • Shower
  • Build copious amounts of rich, meringue-like lather
  • One more coat of hot water on face
  • Shave luxuriously till not a stub of hair can be felt
  • Apply cold water
  • Brush
  • Pat dry
  • Apply everything else
drink coffee
brush teeth
hot towel on face for approx. 3 min.
build lather
hot water splash for 30 to 60 sec.
apply lather & shave
witch hazel
cold water rinse
witch hazel & allow to dry
a/s product & allow to dry
Mix lather
rinse face w/ hot water
rinse face w/ warm then cool water
a/s balm
brush teeth
Interesting to see other people's morning routines

Get up at ridiculously early hour
Go to gym
Eat breakfast/read newspaper
brush teeth
Dry everything except face
Lather up
warm water rinse
cold water rinse
cologne (not on face, obviously)
I know, I know, I'm wasting water. . .but here's what I do:

at sink: brush teeth--for the reason in the first post above
in shower: shower and shampoo
lather and shave in the shower--why towel off and lose all that moisture?
warm water rinse
back at sink: cold water rinse
Thayers witch hazel
after shave balm
off to rule the world--or at least to teach a class or 2. . .



Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Wake without awaking missus or dog
Brush teeth
Preheat 2 sinks, mug, and brush
Lather and shave
Hot rinse
Cold rinse
Witch hazel/hydrosol
Clean implements of destruction
Appropriate A/S
Return to bedroom
Dress by light of my watch
Ease towards door
Step on dog
Wake wife
Never hear end of it

Same thing every day, like a scene from Groudhog Day.
Wake up
Eat Breakfast and drink lots of coffee
brush teeth
heat up brush in a hot mug of water while I'm drying off (sometimes with hotpot water)
wrap a hot towel around my neck/face while getting everything out/whipping up the lather
shave (& splashing warm water on my face after every pass)
warm rinse
cold rinse
wax moustache :rolleyes:
Wake up
Let out dogs
"Sit & think"
Let in dogs, who are annoying neighbors
Work out on Bowflex
VPN into work and see if fires need fighting
Start water in hot pot, with salt added to combat water hardness
Meditate upon the wisdom of saving for a water softener system
Lay out clothes
Pour hot water from pot into mug with brush
Dry, including face
Re-moisten face (dunno why, I just hate leaving my face dripping)
Whip up initial lather
Shave to BBS perfection, rinsing hot after each pass
Rinse with cold water
Hydrosol or Proraso A/S cream (for humid or dry days, respectively)
Wash implements
Brush Teeth
Dress and scoot for work

Dry off with the exception of face
Brush teeth
Rinse face with hot water for about 1 minute
Build lather
Shave to BBS standards, hot water rinse between each pass
Clean brush and tools
Rinse face with cold water
QED DaVinci water
After Shave Balm
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