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Shaving Regimen

Thought this could be a great centralized place where we could post what we use and how we shave. Include a list of items you use first, then how you use it. I hope this helps those who are new or maybe those just looking for new techniques and ideas.
I'll start...

Here are my shaving items...
Razor- Merkur Vision
Brush- Vilfux 2236 (silver tip)
Soap- Taylor's Sandalwood
Cream- Taylor's Sandalwood
Aftershave- Feather Kanwa

I shave after my shower but in the shower. I soak my brush then swirl in the soap. After I have enough soap, I add the cream in the middle of the brush and mix in a bowl to work the lather (I feel like I get the best of both worlds, I love the cream but love the glide I get with the soap too) and apply. The method I use to find the correct cutting angle is to put the top of the razor's head on your chick (to where the handle is parallel with the floor) and pull the handle down (when shaving North to South) until I feel the blade start to cut on your face, and this will give the perfect blade angle (which is about 30 degrees?). Now, with NO PRESSURE I shave using making 4 passes. Pass1 N to S, rise, lather, shave pass2 S to N, rise, lather, shave pass3 W to E, rise, lather, shave pass4 E to W. For passes 1, 3, and 4 I set my VISION on the first I in VISION (almost all the way open), for pass 2, I put the setting on the O in VISION. Now I'm usually done unless I have to do any clean-up work, then I apply aftershave.

-If you shave outside of the shower, an electric coffee cup warmer is a great way to keep your lather bowl warm.
-If you shave in the shower, a great way to keep your lather bowl warm is to fill a separate ceramic bowl (larger than your lather bowl) with hot water (as hot as you can get it) and place your lather bowl in it. Just make sure not to fill the ceramic bowl too high to where water leaks into your lather bowl.
Hope this helps,
My 'tools' :

Depending on mood; either a Featherjector or Gillette SS w/Merkur blade
Horn handled Sensor for final blade buffing
Simpson's Harvard #4 brush (or equiv)
C.F. Lime or Lavendar Cream
CAR Cube
CAR Shave paste
CAR Cutting balm
CAR Peppermint after shave cream
CAR Bay Rum Hydrosol (extra strength)
Thayers mint witch hazel tonic

Before I start my shower, I run my hot water, fill a container and soak my brush. After shower, I re-run the hot water replacing the brush water and add hot water to the sink soaking "the cube".

After about a minute I work the cube w/my brush and add CF shave cream working up a nice thick lather. Apply and cut. Rinse face/neck w/hot water, re-lather and cut again. Rinse face/neck w/hot water, re-lather and cut again, this time against the grain - once. Rinse face and neck w/hot water and spritz with Thayers witch hazel tonic.

While face and neck are still wet I add a small dab of CAR shave paste with my fingertips working it in on my face and neck. Once my face/neck are coated I add a drop of CAR cutting balm and work it in until there is a transparent white-ish slurry on my face/neck. I then blade buff against the grain using the Sensor. I add a little water with my fingertips and buff again against the grain. Rinse face and neck and pat dry with towel. Spritz with Bay Rum hydrosol and add four very small dabs of CAR after shave cream - one on each cheek and two on neck area. I then feel my face (cheeks only - neck is done) against the grain for any remaining stubble. If any is there I do a final blade buff using the AF cream and then rinse and re-apply to cheek area. Clean-up and I'm done.

This sounds excessive and convoluted but it's easier than it sounds and leaves my face with a 10 hour baby butt smoothness - and no razor burn. It's usually, if I've done my job correctly, twelve hours untill my face shows noticable stubble when you faceterbate against the grain - with the grain it's still smooth. The whole ritual (SSS) takes 35 minutes tops - I can't seem to take more time if I wanted to and I'm not rushing.

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