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    Hi enablers,

    I'd be making a trip next month and I was wondering what are shaving products that I should purchase.
    Looking at aftershaves, shaving cream or soap, bathing soap, blades . If possible, hope to get those in one location ( i.e QCS etc.

    Thanks and Cheers.
  1. The best place to shop for shaving supplies of all varieties in NYC is, without any doubt, Pasteur Pharmacy. Search the forum for Pasteur and you will have all the info you need. Google Maps also has a walk-through for the store.

    They have two midtown locations: 34th Street between Madison and 5th Avenue and 62nd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue.

    $Pasteur Card (800x480).jpg

    Enjoy the Big Apple and Good Shaving!
  2. Thanks branford, I'd hit it up when I'm there. May I know what are the items that they actually carry there?
  3. Almost everything. You will be staggered.
  4. Pasteur carries a wide variety of products, including DR Harris, Trufitt & Hill, Razorock, Tabac, Shavemac, Simpson, Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Omega, Semogue, MWF, Cella, Proraso, Floid, Castle Forbes, Myrsol, Floris, TOBS, GFT, La Toja, LEA, Derby, AoS, Halsinger, TFS, etc., etc.

    If you search the forum, you'll find numerous photos of the stacks filled with many products from across the world.

    Is there anything in particular you're looking for?
  5. you name it, most likely they have it... better leave your credit cards at home if you go there :)

    I was pleasantly surprised the other day, now they carry Semogue brushes... Arko tub $2.79(?).. full line of witch hazel, all brands, all sizes..
  6. I hope to find made in USA stuff :)

    What about other Pharmacies here?

  7. Pasteur is in a class by itself with respect to wet shaving shopping. American made products generally include some stainless steel razors such as Tradere which are available at Pasteur, and some artisan soap makers which I doubt you can find in any brick and mortar store. Call or email to inquire if they stock a particular product or company. They are always expanding their stock.

    Both Pasteurs are also near the Art of Shaving and The New York Shaving Company. TNYSC carries their own line of shaving products that are quite good, made in New York and include some unique scents. It may be worth the short walk to check out the store and maybe get a shave and a haircut.

    Most of the other pharmacies on the list probably are not worth the time or effort, with the exception of C.O. Bigelow. They stock a number of different quality brands as well as their own label products. In fact, they are the American distributor for Proraso and their C.O. Bigelow shave cream is a re-branded Proraso Green cream. However, as I live and work in midtown (and within walking distance of both Pasteurs) and COB is downtown, I've not been in the store for quite some time.
  8. What a great way of putting it. XD
  9. I work in lower Manhattan so I make a Pasteure's run once or twice a month, sometimes just to browse. The prices are reasonable even for Manhattan and the selection is huge. I go to the one on 34th Street right down from the Empire State Building. Parking is a PITA (not sure if you're driving) so beware. There is a great antiquarian travel/adventure book store one block North on 35th street that I go to afterwards.
  10. Pasteur is the only place you really need to visit, then you have Cambridge Chemists, which is a few blocks north of Pasteur's uptown location. Cambridge is a little bit more expensive, but they do carry a few products that you won't be able to find at Pasteur. Pasteur is on the west side of Lexington, between 62nd and 63rd. Cambridge is on the east side of Lexington between 64th and 65th.

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