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Shaving on the Road

My wife and I just returned home from a 3+ week trip that took us through 14 states and put 5,624 miles on my car. During that time I used my travel razor, a Red Tip, Lord SS blades, my travel brush (Muhle synthetic), and the Wilkison shave stick. Before joining B&B this setup would have been fine and I would not have had any issues with it.

However, now I have quite a few razors, brushes, soaps, creams, and razor blades. Today I switched everything. First, I made Uberlather combining Monsavon soap, T&H Ultimate Comfort cream, and glycerin in my Robert Becker scuttle. The lather that was on the side of the scuttle became my face soap. Took out my ATT S2 razor that had a Red Tip blade in it and went to town. Instead of a fast face lather shave I took my time with bowl lathering. It felt so luxurious. Made me realize how B&B has expanded my horizons and that I enjoy using all of the goodies I have.
Sounds like that was a great trip! I love the highway! As for shaving whilst travelling, I won't bother if I'm camping, as I find it quite troublesome and slightly annoying. But when moving around, or just on weekend getaways, I'll stop into a truck stop and shave there, the same way I do at home. People in there usually just aren't bothered with anything and just let you get on with you're day.
I really agree with you! Before B&B: I didn't even consider getting a second razor, different blades, a different brush or soap.
After B&B: the old Merkur hasn't been used this year yet I check the bay whenever I can looking for that elusive #16, I have more blades that I can try in two years, I haven't received my first brush from ChiefBroom but am already thinking what the second one will be, and the list of to buy soaps expands when in B&B and contracts in the morning when I debate with myself what the soap/cream I will use. No complaints though.
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Envious here. On a trip this week I carried my old electric, because I really didn't like the shave from the disposables I used on a trip a couple of weeks back. Considering getting a travel DE.
I'm going on a long trip abroad and will be staying in different places. I plan to pack a Trac II and electric in my carry on and then check my luggage with two different DE razors, a soap, cream, synthetic brush, and a mix of sharp and mild blades for use in different conditions. I also hope to find more local creams/soaps and maybe some blades.
My shave gear for a two week trip last year...
several sample sizes of creams, soaps and lotions.
kai folding shavette and Gillette tech
aos travel badger brush
folding rubber mug


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Sounds like a fabulous trip. Glad you returned home safely. Pics?

The only pics I have are of my fishing. They are in the Outdoor Forum in Post Your Catch.



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