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Shaving Oil....

I think your best bet would be to simply make your own. There have been a couple of threads on home made pre shave oils, just do a search and you'll find everything you need. It's cheaper this way, plus the oils can probably be used in the kitchen if you decide that pre shave oil is not for you. As for me, I use a 50/50 mix of EVOO & grape seed oil.
I have good results with sweet almond oil as pre-shave oil. Never tried it in the shower though.

I apply the oil in the shower and use a hot towel wrap. This works best for me since the shower is warm and humid.
I mixed 2 oz of sweet almond oil with a 4oz bottle of Trader Joe's Vitamin E oil and it works well for me. I got 6oz of shave oil for $6. Take that AOS!
Not with my wife's Dove hair conditioner. Others do however, as many contains oils and/or bee's wax. Dove doesnt though.
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