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shaving mug/bowl....what type is best?

What type of material and size is best for both creams and soap? I have a couple soup-type mugs and some metal bowls. What works best? What type of material holds heat the best? What sizes of containers work best for each?
My "end" bowl is a stainless steel mixing bowl. Fits nicely in my palm, and once the lather starts cooling off, I can run hot water over the bottom of it and heat it back up. I have soaps stored in various ceramic coffee mugs, Anchor Hocking cups, ZipLoc microwaveable storage cups, wooden bowls, but I always finish my lather in the "mixing bowl".

I have an el-cheapo Ceramic bowl from Target. Works fine.

What I would like to find is a nice ceramic bowl with an indentation in the top/side for the brush to rest on and stay warm. I think some old apothecary type mugs were like this.
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