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Shaving mirror, a must-have?

Do you use a mirror when shaving?

  • Always, of course, that's a silly question.

  • Sometimes, gotta keep those sideburns straight.

  • Never, ever.

Results are only viewable after voting.
So, these days I no longer use a mirror when DE shaving. I feel my way around and muscle memory helps with my sideburns - straight, even and on-point. I'm sure I couldn't go without a mirror if I was using a straight. My safety net is my EJ DE89 - it's as mild and friendly of a razor as I've ever known.

I strongly suspect I am in the minority, but I was curious enough to ask. Is a mirror a must-have for you when shaving?
I use a mirror for my face and front of my head, the back is done blind.

I'm sure I could do the entire head blind, but would really screw up the beard lines if I tried the face.
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Yep. As expected, I'm the lone-standing 1 vote above for never, ever. :whistling:Who knows, maybe the never, ever category will pick up a couple of votes before it's all over!

PS - I'm a shower shaver.
Well, I'm not a "no, never" kinda guy. When I'm at home I have no mirror and I don't miss it.

But at my work force housing in the field there is a mirror in the shower, and I do find myself looking at it.

I can't tell that the mirror improves my shaves. I've been shower shaving without a mirror since about1985 probably. So no mirror is my norm. I just use the one in the work housing because it's there. Like imcndn, it's an attractive scene - at least that's what I tell myself.
Of course I use a mirror if I have one available. When I am at home I don't have one. I mostly shave with straights but I also sometimes use shavette, DE, injector, or wedge blade SE.
I was a shower shaver with no mirror for years back when I used a cartridge razor.

But after switching to wet shaving, I always shave at the sink, where it's easier and safer to lather up in my bowl, apply pre-shave oil, use a brush to apply the lather, etc. I could probably shave without a mirror but it's hard to ignore since it's hanging on the wall right in front of me.
I'd likely hack myself to bits without a mirror... there are days I don't do that good of a job even with one.
I use two mirrors for my head shaves. I turn my back to the big mirror on the wall and look through a hand held mirror for the back of my head.
I have seen a man shaved with a straight razor without a mirror and without shaving lather.

He stropped the razor edge on his denim pant leg just below the front pocket and proceeded to shave the side of his face, below the nose, around the lips, chin area and neck. He used his thumb positioned under the blade edge to guide the angle of the blade.

I was just amazed watching him shaved the hairs off his face by just feeling the blade and skin, and not even one nick.

He was also talking to us like it was a ordinary thing to do... nothing extra-ordinary about it. Really amazing.
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