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shaving legs

So I have an issue while shaving my girlfriends legs, when I go with the grain everything is fine and no issue, when I go against the grain she says it's rough and feels like she's getting razor burned, the legs never turn red or bumpy like a burn but I change and go across the grain anyway. Is there anything I can do? I've tried with 3 razors included an adjustable and setting it to the lowest setting for against and same story. any ideas?
My girlfriend says the same thing even when she shaves her own legs; that they're irritated and painful, even though I can't see anything. I'm no dermatologist, but I've come to the conclusion that women's legs tend to be more prone to irritation than our faces.
On a more serious note... it could be the grip. Maybe you change the grip when you go ATG and, inadvertently, put more pressure.
I'm a newbie to this but here is what I know. When I used to shave my legs with disposable razors they would itch like crazy. After my first DE shave I was hooked! No itch or burn! I have blonde/white hair on my legs and it's very fine. I have to have a soap that will lather thick to cushion. I only do one pass ATG and that's it. I was taught that way. If she has thick or course hair try a balm or pre shave lotion. Also try only one pass or direction. You are probably rubbing the skin raw. And body oil after. Neutrogena has a good one.
So what happens when they use a cart razor? Any difference? No burn or irritation?

I know back in the 60's they made razors specifically for women that were curved.
Try a different blade. Try different and/or more prep, soaking legs longer, leave on hair conditioner before lather up, a nice preshave oil (makes legs Xtra soft at the end). Try only with the grain passes. It could be the soap and aftershave combo. Make only 1 change at a time, so you can determine the problem. I like to catch the wife right out of the shower and more so the bath.
Have you thought of using a straight-razor? My wife (may she Rest In Peace, and, may Light Perpetual Shine Upon Her) loved these better than any type of safety razor or cartridge system. She swore by them.
I figured it out after I tried 5 diff blades 3 razors 4 soaps/canned goo I decided to let the goo sit for entirely to long (lather both legs and paint nails while waiting, wash off drying lather re-lather then shave. Worked fine, took forever but worked totally fine and she enjoyed the extra steps.
So... Apparently pre-shave routine matters. That's what many of us gents have learned about shaving our faces, so it stands to reason the same would be true of women's legs.
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