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Hi there not sure if this is the right place for this question but a while ago I was given a gift of a shaving travel kit. The razor inside is like no razor I've ever seen before. The cartridge/blade seem to slide on. Can anyone give me any info on this type of razor and what types of blades they use?


Any information would be appreciated.

What are these razors like to shave with?

There are quite a bit of people in these forums who like the Trac II and still use it. Many people began shaving with the Trac II as a teen.

I think I learned on a disposable Bic but my first razor was probably the Trac II or something similar. I know I've owned one at one point and have used them...though I think mine had a plastic handle. Can't honestly remember.
As others have said Trac II. Actually a decent razor but the cartridges are getting hard to find some places.
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