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Shaving in the Summertime

I use menthol year round. Mama bears and the Shave Den, menthol lime, menthol lemon, menthol peppermint, plus Mama Bears has their awakenings version. I get soap from Mama Bears and creams from The Shave Den. I love Super Lather!
Since a shower is part of the shaving routine, I mix Dr. Bronner's Peppermint and Eucalyptus soaps for the Proraso Green pre-shave shower or mix the Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus and Tea Tree soaps for the Razorock 888 experience. Doesn't necessarily do anything for the shave, but sets the tone and moves the summer menthol experience beyond just the face.
Proraso green--always Proraso green-- with Myrsol formula "K", Krampert's Frostbite or Osage Rub. I also have a nice supply of Skin Bracer Cool Spice, if I'm in the mood.
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Living in Florida, it was not difficult to become a full time cold water shaver, and now that the REALLY warm weather is here, it's Stirling glacial, frozen tundra, cool or orange chill with Proraso green every once in awhile. I'll finish it off with Stirling lemon chill AS, Floid Vigaroso or Proraso. I also like to soak my face and head in Osage Rub before bed.
Summer is short here. I do like the cooling effects of my "summer shaving products". I keep it fairly simple... C.O. Bigelow/Proraso shaving cream and Aqua Velva Ice Blue or Osage Rub for a cooling splash.
I just tried the Sterling Glacial in Spearmint... Thirty minutes later and my face is still feeling the cold.
That's some great soap!
Start off with QCS Vostok,Followed by Thayer's Super Medicated,Then Osage Rub,Finally Snakebite

This way I walk out of the house with the AC on my face and head no matter the temp or humidity.

For the summer, I am working on a tube of Trumpers Coconut and Castle Forbes Lime. I definitely want to add some Proraso Green to the mix though.
what a great thread!

after reading some of these soaps, I ordered a few Stirling pucks. Orange Chill and Glacial-Lemon. i used the glacial lemon today(as soon as it was delivered) and holy Menthol! it is very strong but oh so refreshing. my eyes almost were watering while shaving it was that strong. but it has been once of the best shaves i Have ever had. these guys will be one of the first soaps i reach for and look to try many more of them.

tomorrow Orange chill!
Hot and humid Florida here. In addition to the cream, soap, I just discovered the Fine aftershaves, all of which have menthol. The cool-burn lasts for a while and the scents have serious staying power! I have been using the American Blend, but am awaiting the full sampler pack which will result in a serious AD flare up.
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