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Shaving in the Summertime

Strangely, I use slightly less menthol in summer than the rest of the year. I should be getting my pucks of Stirling Gin & Tonic and Texas On Fire tonight, and I'm stocking up on Clubman SR and Aramis splash. I tend to use more leathery-scented products in summer time as it sticks to my skin and projects better than in cold weather. I still keep at least one Glacial soap and a puck of Black Ice around.
Ice cubes as a final "rinse" is the best, any season. Feels good, does your face/neck wonders, closes pores xtra well, and makes your face xtra smooth. Learned this trick years ago (when i was a wee lad & didnt know better) from a model. Shave and ice down for smooth skin b4 makeup and shoot.
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