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Shaving in the Summertime

Proraso green is ''summer standard issue''.
LEA menthol is also very cooling, in a different way.
TGS Eucalyptus is cooling and overall superb.

444, Proraso Green Crema barbara.
Ran across listing for this ready-to-use menthol glycerin concoction on reddit, works great. Just add a drop or two to whatever soap, cream or lotion. Have to be sure to shake before use to mix menthol into the glycerin. I think name is civilized simian.


I just added 45 menthol crystals to my Alcolada Glacial. Talk about awesome!!!
First off. I must get some Alcolada. And the menthol crystals is a good idea. I might need to look for se on amazon or the eBay thing.

Try popping that Alcolada in the freezer now. That's what I do with my Osage.
Available almost everywhere Inexpensive at $2.50 - $5.00 Dense gel Slick More ice-ey than Prorasso Great shave Not gender biased - Works on female legs and male faces $satincare.jpg
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