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Shaving in Shreveport

It looks like I'm going to be taking a job in Shreveport, Louisiana very soon. After I find an apartment I'm going to need a barber, cigar shop and a dry cleaner.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


I'm not too sure about a barber but we have a place I believe it's called Pipe's tobacco emporium, and as for dry cleaners I'll suggest a place called Porter's we also have a place in Bossier called Azalea's but I would stick with Porter's. As for shaving stuff good luck, if you find anything tell me!!
Here's a bump from a while ago but I just moved here as well. Do either of you have any more infor than you did back in January? I'm at least glad to see there are others here.
Just left my internship there. I recommend Gonyea's for a barber. He's a talkative chap with a spartan shop but does a heck of a job for less than $15. He even cleans up the edges with a straight edge and a spritz of Clubman on the back of your neck. On the south side of Airline, east of the Barksdale BLVD intersection.
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