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Shaving in Iowa?

I was hoping that someone might have knowledge of somewhere in Iowa that can do straight razor shaves.

The only two places I've found are the Barber College in Cedar Rapids and Signature Male in Des Moines. I've been to the Barber college and left with a less than satisfactory shave. I was hoping to visit Signature Male in Des Moines for a Hot Towel Shave and they said today that they don't have a licensed barber so they can't do them. I think this is a recent development the service is still listed on their website.

I know there are places in Chicago and in Las Vegas, but I'm hoping to find something closer. Time and money are very short right now.

I'm trying to at least one good straight razor shave to even see if I like it, and if I should keep trying to get to the point I can do them myself.

Thank you so much for any help!
You might try a search on barber shaves or professional shaves using the Search function and see what others have experienced in this respect.

What I suspect you'll find is though a professional shave is a great experience, fun and relaxing, you can give yourself a much better shave than you can get by someone else--even a pro. Now, maybe not right away, but with a bit of practice.

Give it a shot--all you have to lose is a little blood!:eek: :biggrin:
Where in Iowa are you?

There is a place in Downtown Davenport called Mentality that offers shaves. At least that is what it says in the window. It is near the library on the other side of the street.

400 N Main St
Davenport IA 52801

I have never been there so I cannot comment on the services.
I just had another thought about this. If the Barber College in Cedasr Rapids is teaching straight shaves thatn there must be barbers in the area that do shaves. After all the graduates must be working somewere. I would just start calling barber shops in your town and ask if they do shaves. If they don't they can probably tell you who can.
Thank you for the infomation about the place in Davenport.

The local barber shops several have told me they could do it but they do not have the chairs that move back to allow them to shave someone. Every time I call they always say contact the barber college.
Other addition, in Dubuque:

It was either Jim's Barbershop or Corbett's Barbershop. The owner was Jim Corbett. Located on West Locust I believe...not too far from Loras College. The guy Jim was a good guy. Gave a great haircut and had plenty of good magazines to look at while you wait.
I was at a barbershop this morning, downtown Des Moines. It's located on the skywalk in the Equitable building on 6th Ave, 1st floor. I forget the name, but I had a literally unbelievable shoeshine -- cloth, polish and water (in lieu of spit :) -- no brush. It looked like someone had enameled my the toecaps on my shoes!

They had a straight razor in their display and upon asking I was told that they do straight razor shaves (though presumably using disposable blades).

The shop's been in that building for 15 years, and likely much longer in town. Very clubby interior, old cabinets etc. The only problem is I have to be shaved WHEN I come to work (they're not open weekends) so it means taking a 7am risk on an unknown (but no doubt competent) barber and going to work right after :confused1
nichhel said:
The only problem is I have to be shaved WHEN I come to work (they're not open weekends) so it means taking a 7am risk on an unknown (but no doubt competent) barber and going to work right after :confused1

You could shave the evening before and try to get a shave at lunch.
I realize that this is a very old thread, but I have some information about why it's hard to find a shave in Iowa. My barber used to do it, but he stopped when the Surgeon General suggested that barbers no longer offer shaves on account of the risk of spreading AIDS and hepatitis. This effectively killed the business in this state. Most barbers are now too afraid to do it.
I have had a barber shave me with a straight twice - first time to sample this "luxury" and the second time out of necessity. I am afraid you are going to be very, very disappointed. But good luck! John
MattI have talked to the gentleman at Executive in the sky walk. He was very helpful and also had a decent selection of Men U.
He mentioned doing a clinic on shaving but never heard back but I did buy some stuff to support the businesses that support what I like. I'm selfish like that. :^)
skembomatt, you need to go to the Newbie checkin! You should know this, you are the one who told me about this site!

I live in the Quad Cities on the Illinois side (if you've been to Iowa City I'm assuming you've been to this area at least once). The only place I can find here is a shady place called Miller's Barber Shop. It's got a very "rustic" look to it if you will, however the gentleman who was shaving me was quite unprofessional. The shave was terrible...this was when I first start using a straight and I would nick myself less than he did. Also he spent a lot of the time either on the phone or arguing in person with a relative over watching their dog. Also, they only take cash and use a lather machine, not hot towel, no face prep, and only talc for AS. I will continue to look around though, there's bound to be another one in Davenport or Bettendorf that gives good straight shaves.
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