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Shaving Cream that doesn't dry up?

You have been given good advice above. My 2 cents worth: wet your face first, apply your shave cream with a wet brush and lather and keep adding water until you get a rich lather. Proraso, TOBS, Geo F Trumper are fine brands. Pick your preferred scent and enjoy.
Get your face and hands wet before applying Cremo. You don't really have to use very much since Cremo is concentrated. Don't worry if you have to add some water, just wet your hand and blend in some more water. A bit of water will make the lather much slicker. The goal is a slick film, not thick clouds of lather.
This. ^^^^^^
Too many people are disappointed it doesn't lather and also don't use enough water. It's a terrific product when used properly.
If you want a brushless cream try Cella Rapid Shave cream. Just got mine thinking it was a lathering shave cream but instead it is brushless. It isn't going to lather but your face needs to be quite wet before applying. I didn't think I would like a brushless but this stuff is quite slick. I of course shave with one hand I just kept my other hand damp dipping in the water now and then with the remnants of the cream in my hand and it just kept my face slick. It does not lather is just about transparent on the face. Not that cheap but can be found on Amazon for around $10 for 5oz of cream. I used way too much so this stuff should last if one used the proper amount.
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