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    I'm glad you seem to be enjoying them! This cream is based on the British Creams and has the same ingredient list and as such you may find slight variations in consistency as is often the case with those creams. This is normal for this type of cream. However, my creams are made from a formula which is heated during the process so some evaporation can occur but each batch is weighed after the first process and water is added to bring the formula back up to 100% before homogenization occurs the next day. So, for the most part my creams are fairly consistent in texture. Some have used that term you mentioned to describe them.

    Remember, you are working with a container that hold .5 oz. and is filled with .4 oz. of product. The scent is not going to smell as strong as it would from a 6 oz. container that is about 4 inches wide across the top and when closed has some head-space in which the scent can fill. Simply put, a tiny little sample container will not smell as strong as a full container will! As in any product line you will find differences in the product from scent to scent and your nose also can have a different perception of a scent from hour to hour and from day to day! I have times when I have "anosmia" which is the inability to smell any scents sometimes. This can happen after smelling several different scents or even with no warning the first time you smell something! I always suggest that you take a tiny amount of the cream and rub it onto the back of your hand then smell it up close. I has proven to be a good method to test the scent of products like these!

    Since Coconut Sandalwood did get a good response from my recently launched Shaving Soap, I will be including it in my line soon. As in any product line, new scents will come in and some current scents may have changes made to them and others may leave but that will all be decided in time. Thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy my products!

    Chad, my Shaving Soaps are available now and do produce the same type of lather as in your lovely pic and post in your blog!

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  1. Many thanks for the attentive and detailed response, David. Very helpful insights.
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    Love the Suede de Kashmir! Actually I like all ten of the samples I have so far, but that scent is great. Spiced Myrrh is also great in my book. Going off memory, I hope I got the names right. I now see spiced bay is a more potent scent. Looks like I'll be trying that one too. I love powerfully scented shave creams.

    This stuff is as good as any I have tried and better than most. You are a good chemist!

  3. Thanks Rory and Brian! It's so important to "know your stuff" when making products like these and cover all angles and options when you are doing your research! This part of the research is very exciting for me and it is also so important for me to leave no stone unturned! It is the way I work and always have worked! Brian, your compliment means a great deal to me because my approach was that of a chemist and I am honored that you view me as a "good chemist"! It means I have done good job and my results are appreciated! Thank you!
  4. The advice to dab a bit of the cream on the back of one's hand to appreciate the scent really paid off with the Spiced Bay this morning.

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