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Shaving Cream Go Bad With Age?

Is three anyone who got SCAD, acquired a slowly depleting stock, and believes it went bad or inconsistent? Or lost fragrance with age?
Fear of this phenomenon is partly why I'm starting a month of restraint tomorrow. I need to start using a plum-sized quantity of SC, instead of the proverbial almond.
I think it would be something extraordinaire to "spoil" a cream or soap. Possibly if they go to hot for a period of time. Aroma though will dissipate if it is left open for a while. Arko has quite an industrial smell to me when first unwrapped. A week or so sitting in an open bowl (I mash it into a small glass bowl and use it like a puck) allows it to lose the industrial scent, yet it still will have a strong soap scent with a lemony note all the way to the bottom of the bowl.
I think that is hit or miss. I have a tube of Palmolive Lather Cream from the 50's that is still usable. I use it once a year on the 4th of July.
Shaving creams are required to put an expiration date on the product. It may lose some effectiveness/scent, but it's not like it will suddenly make your face swell and turn you into an umpa lumpa. If it gets too bad, toss it. Otherwise, lather on.
The only one that has gone bad for me was a bottle of KMF that I had for YEARS! It turned a nasty brown, I didn't bother to smell it, and I threw it away. All of my recent acqusitions are fine but none are nearly that old. Store them properly and you should get at least 2 years, possibly more, out of them.
KMF... it was about five years old, had turned light beige colored. I jus threw it out. It wasn't unusable but it didn't seem to lather quite as well as it used to.

Mind you, KMF is fairly low in the number of preservatives. Other brands might fare better.

I keep my shaving cream collection in a fridge at 48F. I've got a tube of Proraso that is about five years old and its still going strong.
I've got a tube of old formula Proraso that's still doing fine. Go parabens! I'll probably finish it off this summer. Cream can go bad, but it doesn't usually.
Only ever had one product go bad on me.


Ditto, except I had no idea my Cella was bad. I had a large sample I received in a PIF a few years back. Used it off and on. But it never had the almond scent everyone raved about. Just an odd soapy scent. Then I bought a tub of Cella and realized my stuff had gone rancid. The color and the scent was WAY wrong!

Still using tubes of Godrej that "expired" in 2013...

Ditto, except my tubes expired in 2010. Still great.
I moved across the country, and had a tube of Proraso green in the back of my truck. When driving through the desert, the temperature must have been hot enough that the oil separated from the soapy portion of the cream. It was ruined, but not technically spoiled. After this experience, I am sure to keep my unused creams in a cool and dark place.
I've had some harden. I just loaded like a soap and they were fine. I had a brick of cella turn yellow and lose all of its scent. It still lathered and shaved fine it just smelled like tallow and not cherry almond.
I suspect that you are better off with the tubes that you squeeze the shaving cream out of instead of jars that let air in. I've seen some that have gone bad while others that have not. The most recent one I've seen go bad was some Al's where all of the oil separated and it smelled like something from the garage. I tend to stick to soaps for this reason and usually only have two of three creams on hand at a given time.
I suspect that you are better off with the tubes that you squeeze the shaving cream out of instead of jars that let air in.

Dittos to this. Oxygen is one of the culprits right beside heat and sun exposure. I have most of my creams in jars, but I have a few in tubes too, and it will be interesting to see which ones have the longer usable life.
I did have a tube of ToBS sandalwood go south.

Had to shake it to get it back together before each use to remix.

Worked fine, just separated.
Bought a tube of Mennnon shave cream in New Zealand in 2004, sat for 8 years before I finished it. Worked up a lather okay, slight scent still there.
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