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Shaving cream expiry dates

I’m in the process of using up a lot of creams I had in storage for a while. One such is Figaro foaming shaving cream which I brought in Budapest back in 2019.

Usually creams like Palmolive have just a 12 month logo on them but the Figaro has an exact date of 24/01/2020. It was sealed with a bit of foil under the cap until I started using it a few months ago, and to my nose it smells fine but then again I’m not sure how it smells brand new.

Should I just chuck it away or carry on using it?


All my shaving creams that I have since I started wet shaving back in 2012 are still great !

I bought so many (most in that "try everything because the guys at the forum said about" madness in 2012 and 2013) that I seldom finish a pack, the only one I finished (and bought another) is Musgo Real.

You should not care about expiry date.
I have a few shaving creams at least 50 years old or more! Never any problem!

old creams.jpg


B&B membership has its percs
Mine aren't 50 yet .. but I did successfully resuscitate some hard jarred AoS Rose with stir sticks & distilled water ,, 5 years ago mebbe but that first one still is fine
My AoS rose creams are still OK! Maybe a little hardened but totally fine!
The pumps actually still work! Great scent!!

art of shaving rose merkur february 20 2019.jpg
art of shaving rose kit.jpg
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