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Shaving bowl melted to counter

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all,
I signed up today after viewing for years. The reason is to share an unfortunate experience.
Much to my surprise I looked at my sink and saw that the shaving bowl had melted.
The bowl is a mahogany effect D.R. Harris with soap replacements which I have had for years.
I did not know what happened and was completely puzzled.
When my wife heard my tone (no expletives just yet) she came to see what was going on.
I was trying it figure out what happened. The bowl was a little damp when I was done shaving but nothing bad.
Well, then she says, "I wonder if it was the acetone I spilled"
Sure enough, she was using acetone for her nails, and it spread on the counter under my bowl and the bowl melted.
It is a quartz countertop, and I had no idea what to do. Tried water to soak. Nothing. I was worried that the reaction did something to the stone.
Next step, a paint scraper with a hammer. It came off.
Now there is a stain in the quarts counter. I threw out the bowl (kept the soap).

I checked to see how fake the bowl was. It is "sustainably sourced mahogany effect sheesham wood".

Funny how the stain is not as bothersome to me since I was worried that there was a hole melted into the countertop.
By the way, it is a brand-new bathroom. One year old. (After 25 years)

Happy Holidays!


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Welcome aboard and sorry it’s u see these circumstances. I feel for you especially with the new bathroom and countertops. I’d google acetone and the exact top you have. Maybe there’s a warranty? Funny how the stain is acceptable when you fear the worst. Glad the soap was not damaged!
My wife is working on the stain as I have some hope that it will clear.
The soap is good and I have it in my granite shaving bowl right now. It is too small for the bowl, but the acetone will not affect it.


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Sorry for your troubles. My first thought is to call the quartz countertop manufacturer to find out what materials are safe to use in repair efforts. It's generally possible to make matters worse with the wrong chemicals.
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Acetone is the ketone with the simplest formula. It's structure is CH3-C=O-CH3. The methyl groups on the ends make it a potent solvent. However, due to the double bonded Oxygen atom in the center, there is some polarity to the molecule. Thus, it is miscible with water and alcohol. Acetone is highly flammable.

Nail polish removers are primarily acetone, but many also contain other substances such as ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, water, and glycerin. This combination could easily soften many plastics, including the resins used in the formation of quartz countertops.

Nail polish remover spilled on an open surface would evaporate readily, but when it seeped under your shave bowl, evaporation was delayed until the solvent could do its thing.

By the way, acetone is one of the few solvents that is potent enough to remove cyanoacrylate glue. That is the type of glue used to affix artificial nails.


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Welcome aboard! Sorry about your mess. Hopefully you get the counter top sorted to your satisfaction with no lasting damage, yikes!
wild story and welcome and like others hope you get it down to nothing but what a story and a science lesson thrown in !
have to love this place ! hahhaha
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