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Shaving around a goatee

Does anyone else find shaving with a goatee extremely unsatisfying? There is something about shaving that chin and upper lip.
My goatee area has only been shaved once in the last twenty years (guard slipped off my beard trimmer once a few months ago and left a hole, which obliged me to clean it up by shaving the rest of it off.) That led to any number of weepers since the skin was not toughened. I can't say I'm eager to repeat the experience.
I wear a goatee and I am in complete agreement. I shave mine off several times a year just so I can shave my whole face. My wife likes the facial hair so I grow it back to keep her happy. But I definitely feel what you are feeling about not shaving my whole face.


I generally have a goatee and soul patch (no moustache), but shave it off for a month or two most years just to "stay in practice" shaving my chin (straight razors).

I guess that means I miss shaving my whole face to at least some degree.


I've had a mustache nearly 40 consecutive years. I've had chin hair in there for about 30 of those years. Hair doesn't grow on the top, so I shave the dome, cheeks and neck daily. I find that very satisfying.
I have worn facial hair since high school. The last decade or so I have gone between full beard and "circle beard" goatee. Last month I cleared the face completely, and am experimenting with Van Dyke goatee styles. Keeps the chin "in the game" of shaving and shaping. Trying to keep a sharp line on the rounded chin is even more challenging than regular chin shaving.

There is never anything fun about shaving above the upper lip. :)
I really want a mustache but my wife prefers my goatee so I keep it and like it. I still feel my shave is awesome and I don't have to worry about the problem areas on my chin when I shave with a goatee!
Not at all.
I have a goatee (wife likes it) that has been shaved off once with a straight. I don't know why everyone thinks it is so difficult to shave that area.
Once you are proficient in handling a straight it doesn't matter where the blade has to go.
I will never be without a mustache. I can't stand the feeling of having it gone. It just feels weird.
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