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Shaving and Motorcycle Riding

Do you regularly ride a motorcycle?

  • I normally SR shave - YES

    Votes: 7 15.2%
  • I normally SR shave - NO

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • I normally don't SR shave - YES

    Votes: 15 32.6%
  • I normally don't SR shave - NO

    Votes: 18 39.1%

  • Total voters
I don't know how to answer but voted as @RumpleBearskin. Did/Don't. I rode for around 30 years (more than a dozen bikes but predominantly boxer twins) but gradually stopped about 15 years ago and now dogs (and apparently SRs) consume all my money and much of my time. I'm pretty sure the ebikes don't count.
I SR shave (not much this month), but do not ride a motorcycle. I will be getting my license by the end of 2021, however.

My dad rode back in the 70s and his midlife crisis was to get another bike, so it was fun to get to play with it in the driveway and learn how to work a clutch before actually getting to drive a car/learn stick. Good times.
I used to ride regularly, but the roads have gotten rather busy around my area. I always either shave regularly or grow a beard.
I used to ride up to about 12 years ago. My last bike was a 2000 Yamaha Vmax. My back ended my riding. I have never shaved with a straight razor. My clumsy uncoordinated self and a bare sharp blade on my face and neck? No
No and No.

Never been a rider (too much traffic around here, especially during my commute). I used straights for a few years back in the day, but found DE more to my liking. Overall, not too exciting!
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