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shaving accident

Guys, I experienced my first shaving accident this morning with my Merkur Futur. Since reading about and switching to the Nancy Boy shaving cream along with the Futur, my shaving experiences have been unbelievable. I no longer have the same problems that I have fought for 15 years. Anyway, lately I have built a little confidence in my shaving technique. So I thought I would crank my Futur up to setting of 6 for that ultimate final pass. Well, In my excitement I sliced my finger with such depth and precision a surgeon would have been proud. So just a warning, be very careful changing the settings on your adjustable or you might end up like me. One finger short for the day. Sorry for the ramble. Love the forum. Wess

Yikes, on the bright side, better a finger than the face, but you make an important point. Once early in the morning, while half-resisting leaving sleepland, I reached for the toothpaste which was right next to my Vision and my thumb came down on the blade of the Vision. That sure woke me up.

Whenever I adjust the Futur or change blades, I make certain to carefully grip it with a towel. It's a very slippery razor, too ...

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