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Shavette poll

I've not posted here in quite a while cos I've found my grail DEs but hearing about how my good friend life2short1971 has been enjoying straights for years prompted me to give straights albeit a shavette a try just for kicks.

I found this cheap feather knockoff on Taobao called Torpedo at just ¥70.
Screenshot_20210213_133802_com.taobao.taobao.jpg Screenshot_20210213_133808_com.taobao.taobao.jpg

I got this cos it uses a halved DE blade instead of specialised SE blades. There are others in the list that use the special SE blades.

1st attempt resulted in 2 tiny nicks n weepers, its so sharp I didn't even feel the cuts. 2nd attempt was much better but w some razor burn. I'm really outta practice lol
The quality is really high and easily worth several times more than the $11 I paid for it. Can't wait to try it w a bic as that's the smoothest blade for me.

There is a cheaper option at just $7 called Termax

These 2 budget shavettes gets my vote!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
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