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Shavette poll


(If you must resort to one, keep it simple.)
Well I get a bit confused these days as to what actually is and is not a shavette but the only razor I use which may be classed as one is a Feather AC DX with wooden scales. I use it with either Feather Professional or Pro Guard blades and it gives the closest shave of any razor I have ever experienced, by far. It is also the most unforgiving, and total concentration is required, by me anyway. It is a superb razor.

I started with a standard Feather SS but later switched to the SS kamisori. The kamisori was easier for me to maneuver. Since then I've switched to a DE razor because I never could figure out how to go atg with the Feathers on my cheeks and upper lip. I always got a bunch of weepers and cuts and chatter on the blade.
I have a no-name Feather knock-off, from Korea, that I purchased over 10 years ago. I thought I'd use it to see if I liked the concept until it would fall apart and then I'd purchase something like a Feather AC. As it turns out, this cheap, knock-off razor works great and is a regular part of my rotation using Feather professional super blades. It doesn't look so great but it still works ... kind of like me I guess.

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