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Shavette Newbie , advice required

Tried it again today with Dreadnought preshave oil and their matching shaving cream, and snapped a red Personna in half to load into my Parker SRX. I focused intently on blade angle (almost flat) and just lifting the cream off of my face, and not feeling concerned about the whiskers. It was a massive improvement over yesterday when I shaved with too-wet, un-cushiony lather, and no preshave oil. It was getting painful and I just quit after one WTG pass, but today I even went ATG and achieved a DFS.

I’m certainly not learning the easy way, since I’m only shaving my neck as I’m keeping the rest of my beard trimmed. Not exactly a lot of flat surfaces down there, but with patience I was able to get the motions down and gain some confidence.

Take your time, everyone. Stop for the day if it’s getting painful, but keep working at it the next day and the day after that, and you’ll be rewarded when you get it.
Today I attempted a 3 pass shave with my shavette. The blade was Astra SP.
I did not get the angles correctly for the ATG pass but since I was not using any pressure, the only problem afterwards was not getting the BBS which I had desired.
Still it is a very comfortable shave and no nicks or weepers at all.
The Alum stung at just one spot on my lower neck where I must have applied pressure without knowing it but other than that, no issues of redness, itchiness etc.
All in all , a very satisfying experience with my shavette on my 10th shave with it !
Thanks to all who have offered wonderful suggestions and shared their great knowledge !!
Today, after 3 days of rest, again tried with my shavette. I did all the 3 passes and it went wonderfully well. Even there was absolutely no sting with my Alum block.
I am still not fully satisfied with the closeness of the ATG pass but getting there for sure !
Comfort is great after this attempt.
I will try again after one day rest as I have found out that giving more time to the skin to heal gives me better and comfortable shaves.