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    Good to see the Jaguar getting some love round here.

    For me tonight it’s the Raptor - classic Sanguine style half-DE shavette with a thumbnotch:
    Very small blade exposure so like the Universal this Raptor is an easy relaxed shave and ideal for a head shave!
  1. Razorine:
    Made in Italy

    Comes in raw brass, as well as a chrome finish. If I’ve understood correctly the Razorine weighs 50 grams and is made completely out of brass. If it reminds you of the Daune shavette, it’s because this is the same family that makes Razorine.

    Pros: Uses a full DE blade so there’s no need to snap it in half. It’s sort of a shavette-DE-Kamisori hybrid. Very handsome and very fun to shave with. Has a safety bar, so if you’re transitioning to shavettes or straights, it’s pretty difficult to cut yourself.

    Cons (subjective and random): You’ll need to switch hands as the back of the Razorine has a screw cap, but this could also be a Pro. The finish is hit and miss, with folks receiving microblemishes, fine scratches and peeling finish (Chrome). Reminds me of FaTip razors in this instance. Blade or cap alignment is also a factor. While more of an aesthetic issue, the cap does not line up perfectly on some of the Razorine’s causing the blade to appear to be exposed more on one side that the other. I’ve also read that the screw cap causes torque and makes the blade warp slightly. It’s been my experience that none of this has affected the performance of the shave however.

    Customer Service: The maker, Gianni, is a pure gentleman, and his passion to make the Razorine perfect is evident. I’ve read many posts with Gianni personally replying to address issues, replacements and if necessary, refunds. They’re a small family business and seem quite committed to making the Razorine a tool that anyone from Joe Average to professional barbers can use. I can’t quite describe it but the imperfections add character to the Razorine and while some may not approve, I can say that I’ve had very nice shaves with this razor, aesthetics issues aside.

  2. Wow! Fantastic.
    Thanks for the review.

    I enjoyed the Daune but the big criticism was how light it was - this Razorine sounds and looks much better.
    Where can I get one?
  3. In the U.S. I believe the exclusive vendor is Geofatboy at

    I Canada, I ordered mine from

    (I have zero affiliation with either vendor).

    I don’t know if any other places in North America that sell them presently.
  4. Thanks!
    I’m in UK and I just found a supplier here.
    I’m guessing the geometry and shave is similar to the Daune (which is excellent) but even better because of the weight and finish.
  5. ... I wonder if I could buy direct from Italy?

    Also I notice a lot of discussion in another thread on this razor about blade warping and uneven blade exposure:
    RAZORINE.....anybody use one ??

    The manufacturer says he’ll address these issues but you’re not having any problems with yours are you?
  6. Correct. That photo you’ve posted is one that I took to reply to a previous member who felt his blade was “warped”.

    I’ve gotten about 6-7 shaves under my belt with the Razorine, and have not encountered any problems, cuts, nicks, etc. This has been my experience only, and honestly I enjoy using this razor. All I can suggest is to try it for yourself or wait and see if another version will come out with cap alignment being resolved.
  7. I am waiting for the feedback on the feather clone. Hope someone tries it and let us know.

    By the way, I am letting go a Dovo shavette on BST.
  8. Tracking says my SS Clone has been stuck in Brussels since 8th November.

    The last razor I bought from HRICO arrived about 4 weeks late so we’ll see...
  9. Hope it arrives soon to you and the quality be good.
  10. I've been fascinated by the Razorine since I first saw it; a DE safety razor head on a Kamisori type handle; a cross between a safety razor and a replaceable blade straight. I want to buy a Razorine, but don't know if I'd like it ...

    ... so I made my own. I took a 4" long piece of 3/8" copper tubing, hammered one end flat, and drilled a 3/16" hole in the flattened part. I added an ugly wing nut and it's done. It will only work with razors that don't have protruding alignment posts right now, so the oval-slot Tech was called in for it's maiden journey. I'm going to drill another hole for the alignment post to sit in so I can try more DE heads.

    What an interesting shave. It feels like both a DE safety razor and a DE shavette, but feels more like a safety razor. The grip felt natural to me, but might feel awkward to someone not used to a straight.

    I found I could shave with reckless abandon and not worry about cutting myself, and unlike a straight, I didn't need to worry about maintaining a shallow angle. I just used the same angle I would normally use with the oval-slot Tech.

    The handle needs to be made thinner and/or needs knurling added. It definitely needs a ball-end or some other wider-than-the-shaft gizmo. I'm looking forward to exploring this some more.
    View attachment 930252
  11. That is admirable work Rudy!
    Would a FaTip or a R41 work there?

    Here in Devon I got me a legit Razorine:
    I’m still waiting to get enough stubble to test this properly after a Rocket HD with a Gillette Swede gave a much longer lasting shave than I was expecting...

    So are we all on board that the Razorine actually IS a shavette?
    There’s room for a lot of pedantic debate but it certainly FEELS like it belongs here at S.A.B.R.E.

    It’s a true hybrid of safety razor and straight razor which I guess makes it a spiritual successor to the Durham Duplex.
    And is it made by a descendant of the guy who made the Daune?
  12. Just shaved with the Razorine and I love it!
    Feels great in the hand and shaves very smoothly.
    About the same level of aggression for me as a Gillette NEW.
    And it’s absolutely brilliant for head shaving too.

    Somebody made the very good point that in spite of superficial appearance this ISN’T like a normal DE razor head because there’s no blade curvature.
    It doesn’t shave like a DE and does allow for a steeper effective angle.
    I’d imagined that DE shavers coming to this razor might get caught out by the geometry and the kami grip but over here at S.A.B.R.E. the only surprise is just how fantastic the Razorine actually is.
  13. Fantastic Rudy!
  14. For a Fatip, I would need to drill another hole for the alignment pin to sit in, and a new wing nut. The R41 should work, but since it's Zamak, I don't want to risk compromising the chrome plating.

    Like you said, you can argue it either way. To me, it's both a shavette (replaceable blade razor that you use like a straight) and a Barber Razor, so it definitely belongs here.

    Hmmm, I've got at least one DE that has a completely flat blade. I'll have to give it a spin
  15. 49033D7D-FFC4-414D-BF04-B1B4BC608096.jpeg I just bought this Weck Sextoblade with the yellow scales this afternoon at an antique shop. The price for it was a bit high; $48 and the seller wouldn’t negotiate price but I’m happy to own one. Especially since I saw this same Weck selling on the Bay for $70 or more. I also found this old Rubberset brush at another shop for ten bucks. I’ll be hitting my local beauty stores for hair shaper blades to shave with this baby.
  16. The price only makes a difference when you're buying it. Once it's yours, who remembers how much your paid, it's just part of your stuff like your shoes.

    That's a great razor - I have the black one and find it perfectly balanced. Please report back after you've shaved with it.
  17. Superb! Congratulations on acquiring a true classic and a magnificent shaver.

    And I totally agree!
    This is why we go to work and this is what money is for - to buy the things we want.
    Ha ha in this case excellent shavettes :)
  18. First shave for me with the N06 which is a Chinese clone of the Feather SS for <£20. 476939BC-DB5B-4594-9EF0-68657991E4A3.jpeg
    Just like the SS there is a pressure bump on the jaws of the N06 to distribute pressure and stretch the skin giving a very smooth and well behaved shave.

    The N06 sure looks cheap but it really does shave like an SS.
    Highly recommended!
  19. Really nice feedback. How is the quality of the razor in your opinion @mjclark?

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