now carries Ikon B1 Slant Razors!

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Sargon

    Sargon Vendor is pleased to announce that we now carry the Ikon B1 Slant razor. Ikon's slant razor is probably the best of their selection of excellent razors, and we have it both with an OSS handle, or in head only format, for those of you who already have a 3 piece handle that you like.

    We're also pleased to offer a new blade sampler to our current selection. The Shavetools Exotic Blade Sampler is a selection of blades that we believe offer especially unique shaves, which are a bit harder to find than most, are especially mild, especially sharp, have unusual materials or coatings, etc.

    Ikon B1 Slant Razor

    Ikon B1 Slant Head

    Shavetools Exotic Blade Sampler

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