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Shavetools.com Now Carries Castle Forbes and More!


Shavetools.com is pleased to now offer the much regarded Castle Forbes line of shaving products. We currently carry their Lavender Shaving Cream, their Cedarwood and Sandalwood Shaving Cream, their Lavender Aftershave Balm, and their Cedarwood and Sandalwood After Shave Balm with plans to add more scents in the future.

We have also added a number of other excellent creams, soaps, and aftershaves including: Gold Dachs Soap, Euro Gillete Shaving Cream, La Toja Shaving Cream in both Classic and Sensitive Skin varieties, Omega After Shave Balm, and RazoRock Captain's Choice Bay Rum Shaving Soap.

Finally, we now carry several excellent new English beard and hair care products, such as the Cyril Salter Horn Backed Beard Brush, Cyril Salter Pearwood Nail Brush, Yardley English Brillintine, and Taylor of Old Bonds Street Military Brush.

Cyril R Salter Pearwood Nail Brush

Cyril R Salter Horn Back Beard Brush

Castle Forbes Lavender Aftershave Balm