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Shavetools.com Massive 60 item After Christmas Sale!


At Shavetools.com, we're pleased to present our 2013 After Christmas Sale. If you missed our Black Friday Sale, some of the same great deals are back, along with several new ones, and even a few you'll have to go to the site to find. The sale will continue through January Second. Quantities are limited, especially on some items, so the sooner you shop, the more great deals are likely to still be available. Additionally, since the holiday free shipping special we had was so well received, we're extending it indefinitely, so all orders over $99.00 receive free domestic shipping.

Featured Specials:

Semogue 2012 Special Edition($60.00)

Basic Alum Block ($3.25)

Irisch Moos After Shave Balm 100ml ($12.75)

Osma Shaving Soap (Refil) ($6.99)

$0.99 Specials

Clubman Deoderant Spray 4oz
10ct GEM Carbon Steel SE Blades
Erasmic Shaving Soap Stick 50g
William Marvy Mug Soap

$9.99 Specials

Dr Harris Arlington Bath and Shower Gel
Dr Harris Windsor Head To Toe Wash
Vie-Long 04102 Professional Horse and Boar Hair Shaving Brush
PRE De Provence 100% Pure Shea Butter Unscented
PRE De Provence 100% Pure Shea Butter Lavender Scent
DR Harris Shaving Cream in a 75ml Tube, Almond
DR Harris Shaving Cream in a 75ml Tube, Marlborough
ColonelConk Gold Tone Trac II Safety Razor
PRE De Provence Sage Bath and Shower Gel
PRE De Provence Sage Body Lotion
Chrome Plated Brush Stand

Bath & Body Specials
Marvis Toothpaste,Jasmine Mint 75 ml($5.99)
Botot Mouthwash ($10.99)
Botot Toothpaste 75ML ($6.75)
Egg White and Chamomile Facial Soap 5.8oz ($3.75)
Luxo Banho Olive Bathing Oval 6oz ($3.85)
Spuma Bath Soap ($3.49)
Mitchel's Wool Fat Bath Foam ($4.99)
Mitchel's Wool Fat Body Lotion ($4.99)
Glicerlanolina Moisturizing Bath Soap ($6.25)
Lightfoot's Bath Soap 5.8oz($3.99)

Hair Care specials

Cyril R Salter Natural Horn Hair Comb
Marvy #125 Military Hairbrush ($4.99)
Gables Pomade 3.5 oz. ($2.50)
Master Pomade 4 oz ($2.75)
Master Well Comb, 8oz ($2.95)

Shaving Brush Specials:
Vie-Long Professional Horsehair with Custom Olivewood Handle ($29.75)
Vie-Long 12750 24mm Horse Hair Shaving Brush ($24.99)
Omega Syntex Brush ($6.95)
Long Handle Omega Pro Boar

Soap and Cream Specials:

Derby Lavender Shave Creme 100g($2.99)
Derby Menthol Shave Creme 100g($2.99)
Palmolive Classic Shaving Cream ($3.99)
Erasmic Shaving Soap Bowl 75ml ($3.25)
Erasmic Shaving Cream 75ml ($1.99)

Aftershave Specials

Colonel Conk Amber Aftershave Splash($12.99)
Colonel Conk Bay Rum Aftershave Splash($12.99)
Colonel Conk Lime Aftershave Splash($12.99)
Colonel Conk Almond Aftershave Balm ($12.99)
Prep AS Balm 75ml]Prep AS Balm 75ml ($6.99)

Other Specials:

Colonel Conk Santa Fe Shaving Bowl($14.99)
White Shaving Towel ($1.99)


2013 was Shavetools' best year yet, thanks in no small part to the support of the wetshaving community. To show our appreciation, we've decided to extend the sale through Monday January 6th.